Our customers rely on our full service Image Printing expertise that delivers what they need, when they need or before they even need it.

Our commitment to our customers is paramount to our success. When business is booming, more pages are printed and our supplies are in critical demand. When things slow down, customers are even more interested in saving money. Our highly dependable, factory-compatible products like Cartridge on Wheels and Xerox brands cost much less than original equipment manufacturer (OEM) suppliers products do. Our customers rely on our convenient, single-source service that delivers what they need, when or even before they need it. Along with these benefits, IT MANEX becomes the trusted advisor, with valuable expertise to help customers maximize equipment life and their cash flow. We customized equipment solutions that can work for you.

Despite the popular (and very noble) notion of the “paperless office”, printing and copying continue to drive daily operations in businesses of all sizes across the world. We here at IT Manex carry a strong background in the copy and printing industry, we recognize that purchasing a new copier and printer isn't always necessary but buying printer and copier supplies each month is “a must” to keep any business operating. Indeed, without toner cartridges to continually fuel printers, copiers, and fax machines, many businesses simply could not function at all.


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