To ensure the best possible service and products, IT Manex is powered by Cartridge on Wheels.


Our strategy: to provide our expertise that delivers what you need even before you need it


Our first step is to ensure the best possible products at the ideal price for your business. We also carry the option to GO GREEN and use products that have been certified recycled.

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Ensuring that your technology performs optimally and securely at all times is our job. IT Manex provides solutions that continuously monitor, assess and track the performance of your Copiers and printers.


 Our PM-10 printer preventive maintenance programs assist printers to work smoothly and efficiently. IT Manex offers maintenance kits and installation for most copiers &  printers, which keeps devices running smoothly so your work is never interrupted. As part of a franchise system we have the expertise to keep your equipment performing reliably. Our preventative maintenance service programsare designed to extend the life of your equipment. Cartridge on Wheels System was developed to help businesses reduce cost on ink, toner, and printer service. Our focus is on the total cost of ownership because we know businesses have to think long term. Our print assurance is a complete service and supplies solution.

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 Nearly a gallon of oil goes into the production of one laser cartridge. Several ounces of oil go into the creation of an inkjet cartridge. Less oil and energy is used when a laser printer cartridge is remanufactured, though very few cartridges are reused, remanufactured, or recycled

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