Through extensive research, IT MANEX is able to provide quality OEM, compatible, and Cartridge On Wheels brand products.  All products provided by IT MANEX are unconditionally guaranteed, when used as directed, to perform to your complete satisfaction.  IT MANEX will either exchange or offer a full refund for any product(s) that does not meet your satisfaction.  IT MANEX will go one step further to warranty equipment against any damage from the use of its products.  If at any time the use of its products is cited as the cause of damage to equipment, IT MANEX shall be notified.  Upon notification, IT MANEX will act promptly, performing any necessary cleaning, maintenance, and repairs resulting from product defect shall make restitution, not to exceed the value of the equipment.  IT MANEX’s liability under this guarantee shall be limited to remuneration, as stated above.

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 Nearly a gallon of oil goes into the production of one laser cartridge. Several ounces of oil go into the creation of an inkjet cartridge. Less oil and energy is used when a laser printer cartridge is remanufactured, though very few cartridges are reused, remanufactured, or recycled

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